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Robert Palin marriage 1829

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Robert Palin*(1) married Elizabeth Harber*(a) on 6 July 1829 at Worth, Sussex. They had ten children. George, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Peter, Henry and Joseph.

George - Baptism 13 June 1830 at Worth, Sussex

Robert - Baptism 18 December 1831 at Worth, Sussex

Sarah - Baptism 31 December 1837 at Worth, Sussex

Thomas - date of birth not known at present but the census' show him to be born around 1840 at mortlake, surrey

William - Baptism 14 May 1843 at Mortlake, Surrey

Elizabeth - Baptism 14 May 1843 at Mortlake, Surrey

Mary - Baptism 28 September 1845 at Farnborough

Robert Palin marriage 1829

Peter*(2) - Born 17 October 1847 at Bromley

Henry - Born Oct Qtr of 1849 at Bromley

Joseph - Baptism found as 11 March 1855 at Bromley, but the census show he would have been born around 1850 to 1851 unfortunately I have been unable to locate the GRO index to find the registration date


*(1) great great grandfather born in Westminster according to census and his death it would appear he was born in about 1800/03. By the 1871 census Elizabeth shows herself as a widow. I found in the Bromley parish register a Robert Paling died in the Union Workhouse, Farnborough. This workhouse covered Bromley as well. His employment being shown as labourer though and not as shoemaker. Date of death 17 March 1870. The GRO index showed the surname as Palaing yet it was quite clear in the parish register as Palin. It seems too much of a coincidence that Elizabeth is a widow by 1871 and that a Robert was shown as being deceased in 1870, for it not to be the same robert. His cause of death being Effusion of blood on the brain. perhaps he was unable to continue as a shoemaker and had to take up labouring towards the end of his life. It is also strange that he died in the poorhouse and not with his family. Again could there have been a separation of husband and wife due to his finding employment elsewhere. His son Peter, my great grandfather married in 1871, his marriage certificate states his father was a shoemaker but it does not state deceased. But then it is known in the researching circle that often on marriage certificates where a father was deceased it was not entered as so.

The union workhouse came under the Gilbert Union and was supposed to only house the sick, infirm and the elderly. I therefore feel that Robert Palin must have been unwell and the family were not able to help him and he thus went into the workhouse. The informant of his death on the certificate was Frances Kein. Again one wonders where were the family.

The union workhouse closed and is now the Farnborough Hospital.

During my research Robert Palin the son appeared to have disappeared, I could find no reference to a death or marriage. Further on, I have found a Robert Palin who was deported to Australia and eventually was executed. This Robert Palin's birth appears to be the same as my ancestor and also the fact that he had been a shoemaker. As yet though nothing can be confirmed as to whether or not he is the missing Robert Palin that I am trying to find.

*(A) Elizabeth Harber was born on 2 January 1811 in Worth, Sussex and baptised there on 3 February 1811. Her parents were Thomas and Sarah Harber. She died on 10 December 1891 at 21 West Street, Bromley the age stated was 93, yet according to the parish records she would only have been 80. She died of senile decay and bronchitis, her son Joseph was in attendance when she passed away. It is also rather strange that by 1891 her birthplace had changed from Worth, to Crawley. One can only assume as her health was deteriorating that she may have forgotten and just remembered the name Crawley. As on all the other census leading up to the 1891 her birthplace is shown as Worth.




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