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Alfred Townrow*(5) married Emily Fisher*(a) on 4 June 1923 at Christ Church, St Pauls, Deptford, London.

Alfred Arthur*(6) born 23 July 1918 at 42 Hunsdon Road, New Cross, Deptford, London.

William born Sept Qtr of 1923, Lewisham, London.

Richard born 3 June 1925, Lewisham.

Leonard born 4 February 1928.

Daughter born 16 April 1930

John born 3 October 1934


*(7) Alfred Arthur was my father and he died on 14 October 1992 aged 74, he married my mother Nellie Cavell Palin, who is also deceased she died on 17 December 1995 aged 79. My parents had four children, sadly one of whom is now deceased, my dear brother Terry.

*(a) Emily Fisher was actually married still to a George Fisher when she had my father. Emily married George Fisher on 6 December 1913 and they had one child whom they also called George. My uncle George was born 6 May 1915 and died in 1990. Emily stated on the marriage certificate to Alfred Townrow, that she was a spinster, when in fact she was a divorced person, and should therefore have entered that status. On my father's birth certificate she states that her married name was Townrow, so I can only assume she had taken on that status rather than let it be known she was still married to someone else.







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