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Welcome to the Townrow website. My name is Tricia Lewis - christened Patricia Anne Townrow, born Lewisham 1951 but now living in Cheltenham Gloucestershire. The photo is of me when I was aged about six. I first started researching my husband's family back in 1991. The Lewis' originated from Brecon, Wales. Once hooked I decided to take family research further by tracing my own family ancestry.

As with all family research it has taken several years and is by no means complete. My father the late Alfred Arthur Townrow said his family came from West Ham, London. He was right but only going back to the mid 1800's. the family prior to that time scale originally came from Suffolk. My starting point in the Townrow research was that one of my father's cousins was a footballer who played for England. From there with help from different members of my family, including my aunt in New Zealand, uncle John Townrow in America, now deceased and my brother Terry. I have been able to piece together information from their memories. Sadly my brother Terry (Terrence William Townrow) passed away on New Year's Day 2012. Terry I will always remember you, RIP dear brother.

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My dearest son Mark Anthony Coombes died on Saturday 29 December 2012. He was aged 38.

Mark with his son Anthony Steven Joshua Coombes, living in the Pembroke Wales area





My mother was a Palin, and her mother a Podger. It was research into the Podger's ancestry that I came across a Podger group and also found cousins. I found a cousin in Canada was able to confirm my research into the Podger family sadly he has now passed away, but luckily his research is kept archived.

Unfortunately research into the Palin family has been a little more difficult and I am still trying to trace the parents of my great grandfather Robert Palin. Hopefully with time this elusive family will be found. I have however been fortunate in making contact with two other descendants of Robert Palin.

Although I have used the local records office in my research, I have also used internet sites. The LDS, and I have a subscription to the BMD Index .

For the Townrow Family in Suffolk, visit and click on the index to look up the churches in the relevant villages mentioned for the Townrow family

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The following surnames are the subject of my research, click to find out more of my ancestry.

Barber, Davies, Duggan, Girling, Haward, Lewis, Longley, Munell, William Palin 1892, Robert Palin1800, Palin Introduction, Podger, Powell, Introduction to the Townerawe family, Henry Townrow 1751, Henry Townrow 1783 marriage, Henry Townrow 1787, James Townrow 1819, Alfred Townrow 1881, Alfred Townrow 1923, Walker

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Besides researching into my family ancestry, a few years back I decided to put together a scrapbook of my family. Since then I have put several pages together of my mother and father in their younger days and also my Granny Palin.



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